Saturday, July 14, 2007

Week 9, Thing 23 !!!!

I can't believe I finished!!! It is a good feeling as I will be off the next 2 weeks for vacation and some college visits!!!

1. My favorite things were the online generators and you tube. I also liked finding out about downloadable books. I liked learning about how to do new things with your pictures . We just got a new camera 1 year ago so Flickr was fun for me.

2. This program has opened my eyes to all the things happening in the computer world. I am hoping to use some of the things I learned at my job and in my personal life. It has made me a little less afraid to try new things.

3. I think an unexpected outcome from this program was learning that I can really do some of these new computer things. I was also surprised by all the new things that are happening so quickly in the computer world.

4. I think a workshop on some of the technology related things would have been helpful. (or a handout ) Simple things about blogs and getting items from one place to another... I was very frustrated when I could not get my avatar to move in my blog.... This program was most likely easier for techie people. I learned not to spend hours and hours trying to do the "optional" items. I did the "optional" things that I could and will try to come back at a later date and try the ones I could not do in the future.

5. I would chose to participate again in another program like this especially it realted to my current job.

6. I would describe my experience using these words... enlightening, challenging , and at times fun!

Week 9,Thing 22

I created an account for Overdrive and plan to download a book as soon as possible. I like the idea of being able to download a book to enjoy while I work out or clean the house!!! I looked at Project Gutenberg and Overdrive . I also explored The World ebook Fair. I explored (from the Carroll County page) Maryland's digital Library . I plan to download a book from here just as a Library patron would do if they were using our site. We do get some questions concerning ebooks so this will be helpful to me. I did not think about burning to a CD as an option. I found all the sites to a have a wide assortment of books and now videos! This is something I will be using in the future. I don't think I would use Project Gutenberg as much unless I want older, classical titles. This may be helpful for books my kids need to read for school.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Week 9, Thing 21

I explored many of the podcast directories . They were all very easy to use. I looked at I looked under Entertainment, then I clicked on the tag movies. You can listen to movie reviews . I listened to a review on Film Talk. In Podcast you can serch by title, keywords, location , host and eposides. I also looked at Postcast Alley. You can pick a podcast genre such as arts, business, or comedy. I found tourcast and will go back and listen to information about the Grand Canyon National Park Tour. Yahoo Pocasts had alot of populat tags such as art, bible, business and comedy just to name a few. You can subscibe for free to a podcast called podrunner, which is a podcast for people who exercise. ( It has lots of upbeat songs) I finally looked at The Merlin podcasting learning link . I liked the Library news, Libvibe, which is updated everyday. I am going to add the RSS feed for a podcast. I used the Denver Public Library storytime favorites. Hopefully it will work. I like podcasts. There are alot out there so you need to weed though the ones that fit your needs. Podcasts can easily fit the needs of the Public Library.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Week 9, Thing 20

I can't believe I added the video!!!! On the first time. It is a miracle!!! Anyway, I picked a video from another Library system about The Library's upcoming Summer reading club theme. It was good and very creative! Check it out! I like the site because you could pick by catagories the videos that you wanted to watch. I did not like that there was alot of not so good videos. I chose the video because I thought it was a very creative way to get people excited about the Reading club!!

Week 9 , Thing 20

Week 8. Thing 19

I explored many of the award winning Web 2.0 sites. I first explored the travel site called Kayak ( ). I liked the site because it showed numerous pictures of the hotels you were interested in visiting. You could choose hotels using the star rating. The site included flight costs and populat trip ideas. I really liked the popular trip ideas. It included ideas such as U.S. scenic drives, adventure trips and camping trips to name a few of the many ideas. This is a great site for planning vacations. The next site I explored was Eventful- I can see myself using this site at my job. We get questions about events in the area so this site will be helpful. You can put in a location and there is a list of about 30 categories to click on to get information. For example,you can click on sports and you will get a list of sporting events in the area. You can track and share events at the site. There is a link for calendars where you can bring up different events thoughtout the United States. There is also a popular calendar tags link. The last site I looked at was Lulu( You can publish and sell your books on this site. You can set a price and do the marketing. You can also pulish all different types of media such as calendars, and cd's just to name a few types of media. I enjoyed exploring some of the award winning 2.0 sites and look forward to going back to explore some additional sites in the future.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Week 8, Thing 18

I had fun playing around with all the templates in Zoho Writer. There were templates for everything from invitations to speech outlines and Itinerary sheets. My son will find this site helpful as he prepares to go to college in a year! This will be a fun place to go to get a template for just about any occasion. I wrote a recipe in Zoho and posted it in my blog. Give it a try. People seem to like this soup. In fact my kids ask for it as a birthday dinner! The directions for posting to my blog were easy to follow. I like the idea of being able to create documents and access them from any computer. This is the site I will be using for creating documents. Enjoy the soup!!